Church Burnings-Bloody Idiots!

I don’t usually use strong words on this blog but bloody idiots! 3 churches in KL were subject to arson attacks by irresponsible and idiotic people. As a Muslim, and a Malaysian, I condemn these attacks and I am heartened to read that the BN government and the Opposition parties including PAS have condemned the perpetrators. The government must use what ever means necessary, including the ISA to quickly find and prosecute the perpetrators. We must not let the actions of a few idiots, whose brains are smaller than rodents to ruin what took our forefathers 52 years to build. As a Muslim, I disagree that the Malaysian Catholic church should use “Allah” as the synonym to Jesus but this is not the way to solve the issue. Let us all unite in our condemnation of these attacks and present a united front against idiots bent on destroying the nation. We must reassure non-Malaysians who will assuredly ask us about these attacks, that the perpetrators in no way represent the majority of Muslims or even Malaysians and are universally condemned by all the political parties in Malaysia. Cooler heads must prevail. Protect our peace and the safety of Malaysians.

Let us all make this supplication together:

“O Allah, I beseech thee to keep the peace among the various races and religions in Malaysia.  Help the government find the evil doers who went against your teachings so that they may be brought to justice. Protect the safety of Malaysians of all races, their families and their belongings from harm. Soften the hearts of those bent on destruction and revenge so that Malaysia will continue to prosper.” Amin.


A Good Muslim Helped Warn a Chapel

A Good Muslim went to a chapel in Kuala Selangor and warned the caretaker to be wary of possible attacks. According to the Star, the unidentified Muslim man told the caretaker to lock  their gates and windows. I am very heartened to hear this good news amidst all the bad news about the actions of a few idiots. May Allah reward the actions of this anonymous Muslim man.

One Response to Church Burnings-Bloody Idiots!

  1. tajudin says:

    Agree 100%. To me, it’s OK to use strong/harsh words to show our dislike/hate against some idiots who created a bad image to Muslims.

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