Welcoming Committee

If you are planning to come to Hamilton to study at the Waikato University, then this is the page for you. The Welcoming Committee has been set up to help Malaysian newcomers, primarily students and especially those with families  who are coming to Hamilton. The organisation structure and objectives are as shown below. If you need any assistance, please leave a comment below and we will try to get in touch with you. Don’t forget to give us your name and email address. Please avoid emailing the Waikatomalaysians email address as it is very heavily spammed and your email might get buried under. It is best if you contact us around 1 month before your confirmed flight if possible.

Welcoming Committee Organisational Structure

  1. Pengerusi: Yusman & Ruhaya
  2. Bendahari: Hanna
  3. Pegawai Komunikasi: Izhar
  4. Ketua Penyambut: Zaini & Adibah
  5. AJK: Ariff & Nur
  6. AJK: Adlan & Ella
  7. AJK: Kak Jun
  8. Penasihat Perumahan: Fauzi & Shira
  9. Penasihat Kenderaan: Saiful & Rina

The Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee is a voluntary organisation, set up and manned by members of the Malaysian community in Hamilton. Its primary mission is to assist Malaysian newcomers to smoothly settle in Hamilton. The Welcoming Committee will be funded through donations from the Malaysian Community. Its tasks and activities will be carried out by the committee members, with the assistance of all members of the Malaysian Community in Hamilton. The Welcoming Committee will endeavour to minimise the need for time-consuming physical meetings and instead use the Internet and other communications means to make decisions and convey information.


  1. To act as a centralised point of contact for potential newcomers.
  2. To advise potential newcomers on studying and living in Hamilton.
  3. To assist them in finding temporary lodgings and shuttle bookings before they arrive in Hamilton.
  4. To welcome Malaysians who are seeking to study in Hamilton, especially those bringing their family here.
  5. To provide them with halal food (when needed) and some means of transportation while they are in temporary lodgings.
  6. To assist them in finding long term rental lodgings and to find furnishing of  said lodgings.
  7. To guide them around the University for enrolment.
  8. To help spouses of students find some employment in Hamilton.
  9. To follow up newcomers after they have settled in and include them in community activities.

100 Responses to Welcoming Committee

  1. waikatomalaysians says:

    Leave your contact details below.

    • Haikal says:

      Salam and Goodday to all.

      I am transferring from the University of Canterbury to Waikato due to lack of research expertise in my areas of studies here. It is disappointing. The transfer is taxing me in every possible area as you could imagine. I was wondering whether I could get your advice/assistance in securing a place to live. I am looking for a one bedroom, studio inclusive of power if possible. Azila’s previous post regarding one bedroom sounds interesting. Will I be able to get one of those in near future? I am also planning to fly to Waikato sometime this week. Would you have any suggestion on temporary accommodation? Hopefully I could meet some postgraduate students as well.



  2. Lim Eng Har (Just call me Lim) says:

    Hi, can’t tell how happy I am to know about you all. I was clueless until Dr. Zaki introduced me this weblog. I’m a tutor from UMS. I will arrive in Hamilton at end of Sept for my PhD study (to register on 1st Oct). My wife will join me in Dec. I have before contacted Brookfield for accommodation. They are charging $110++ p/w. But it’s a bit far from University. Can you advise me on this matter? Thanks.

  3. Saiful says:

    Hi Lim,
    Welcome to Hamilton!Yes, it’s a bit far from uni.It takes about 15-20mins to walk to uni.Accomodations near campus are relatively higher but including rent,power and laundry.But if you don’t mind,you can stay at Backpackers which only cost you $18 per night.Hope this helps you.Thanks.

  4. waikatomalaysians says:

    Hi Lim,

    What is your budget? Are you under any scholarships? What Saiful is suggesting is that you stay in the Backpackers until your wife arrives, in order to keep costs down. You can later rent a studio apartment, since there are only 2 of you. I think this is the cheapest option since studio apartments are usually fully furnished and the power bill is included in the rent. How is Zaki by the way? I owed a lot from him since he was the person who showed me around Hamilton when I first arrived 3 years ago.

  5. izhann79 says:

    Kia Ora Lim,

    happy to hear you will furthering your study here. since we have ample time and massive supports from the Malaysian waikato community, i think we can sugesst a range of suitable accomodation for you. hope you can keep in touch with us so that we can keep you updated 24/7. You can txt or email me at 02102521100/izhann79@yahoo.com

    Izhar Aziz
    Communication & Entertainment Officer

  6. Lim says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for the information. I will stay alone for 2-3 months before my wife joins me, so I have to skip Backpackers. The reason I pick Brookfield is they allow minimum rent of 2 months. It’s just right when my wife joins me and we can move to more suitable accommodation (like studio apartment). Please tell me if there is any similar accommodation closer to the university. Btw Dr. Zaki is fine. Indeed very helpful person. He mentioned about buying his first car in NZ, only $1K ++. Still got this bargain??

  7. waikatomalaysians says:

    Sure do. You can get a car around 1K but be prepared to pay the same amount to bring it up to standard. Or you could buy a bicycle, at least until your wife arrives.

  8. Azila says:

    Hi Lim,

    I’m new here too, just arrived on the 21st of July. The community here has been great helping me settling down..and I’m also alone for the time being.
    I’m staying in a furnished studio (with own bathroom), very near to the univ. Which school are u going to be in? I’m in mgmt school, which is about 3-5 minutes walk.I can even see building, even in the most mistiest day…the other schools are relatively close too.

    The rent is NZD 180 per week, including power. We can give 3 weeks notice before we move out, n I plan to leave end of Oct. My family will arrive in mid Nov, InsyaAllah.

    So, if u’r interested, i can give my landlord/caretaker (very nice lady) a call and ask if there’s any unit available for you. N yes, I’v bought a 1995 toyota estima, NZD4,200..checkout http://www.trademe.com (thanks to rina and saiful..)


  9. Lim says:

    Hi Azila,

    Glad to hear from you. How you handle the weather? I heard August is the coolest.. So you stay in a furnished studio, $180 p/w, seems like a good bargain. But is it the same for a couple? I will arrive in Hamilton at end of Sept. But plan to move in to studio department only when my wife arrive in Dec. Maybe you can introduce me to the nice lady then. How did you contact your family? Can you tell how much it costs for broadband services if I have my own mobile modem? By the way, I am in School of Science & Engineering.

    • Azila says:

      Hi Lim,

      I’m doing fine so far, Alhamdulillah. So, where are u planning to stay meantime? The agent here also have bigger studio, don’t know how much though. The house is next to the one I’m staying in at the moment. There are many one room for rent too. Just look at the trademe website. Under house rental, area hillcrest.email me ab171 at students.waikato.ac.nz at = @

      Have to go. talk later

  10. Lim says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me if it’s worthy to buy computer or kitchen accessories in NZ? How about handset?

  11. Saiful says:

    Hi Lim

    Even computer or laptop, Malaysia is much more cheaper than NZ. All computer software and hardware in NZ is original and we can’t find any pirates one like we have at Low Yat Plaza. For kitchen accessories, u can buy it here in NZ. The price is much or less is similar with Malaysia. But if u can bring the basic thing, it can save u some money. And u can still use ur handset here in NZ.

  12. Lim says:

    Hi everybody, Selamat Hari Raya. Wish you all have a great celebration no matter where you are. Cheers!!

  13. waikatomalaysians says:

    Lim, when are you coming here?

  14. Lim says:

    I will arrive in NZ on 29-Sept, in a week time. Uni has arranged someone to pick me up and send me to Brookfield Accommodation. I managed to chat with Azilah. She may find time to show me around. Look forward to meet you all.

  15. Ariff says:

    Lim, Azilawati is still in Malaysia for Raya (I think). Rashid is staying at Brookefields and I’ll get him to meet you there when you arrive.

  16. Lim says:

    Azila should be back to NZ on 26th. But I’m glad to know Rashid is staying at Brookfields. I will be there at about 1700, 29-Sept. Thank you very much Ariff. Oh ya. Forgot to ask Azila about entering NZ. Can you briefly tell me how they’re going to check me?

  17. Ariff says:

    Lim, if possible, don’t bring any food at all into NZ. If you still want to bring food, only bring those in cans or in commercially packaged bags. Always declare if you brought any food as the fine is quite expensive. Do not bring more than NZD 10000 in cash as you will have to declare it. With regards to passport and visa, there should not be any problems, but just make sure you bring your offer letter and financial affidavit in your hand luggage. Other than that there should be no problems.

  18. Lim says:

    Thanks a lot. I will keep in mind about the declaration. Still packing.. See you guys then.

  19. Kumari says:

    Hi Friends,

    I’m a lecturer at Inti College Subang. I will be coming to Hamilton in February 2010 to pursue my postgraduate certificate for 6 months and proceed to phd. Currently looking for accomodation (a room) to stay whereby I could cook on my own. Any suggestions please?

    Glad there is a website like these to help each other.

    • Judy Ng says:

      Hi Kumari,

      Nice to know another INTI colleague coming over to Hamilton to study.

      Which school are you attached to in INTI Subang? What will you be studying in Hamilton later?

      I was working in INTI-UC under FOLA (Faculty of Liberal Arts) before coming to Hamilton to further my studies too.

      Unfortunately, when you are here in Hamilton, I will be leaving Hamilton for Malaysia to collect my data.

      There are many accommodation options here – depending on your budget, ranging from NZD 110 – NZD 250 a week.

      I suggest that you stay either in a studio apartment, fully furnished which cost about NZD180 – NZD190 a week (this includes the rent,water and electricity only) or in a backpacker first (I am not sure of the rent). Then you slowly go around to find a suitable accommodation.

      Most of the houses/flats here are not fully furnished. The rental would be cheaper if you are able to find a person to share the house with you.


      • Kumari says:

        Hi Judy,

        Glad to know you are also from Inti. I’m teaching in School of Business in Subang for the past 5 years.

        Will be down in Hamilton to pursue postgraduate certificate for 6 months. Initially alone and later in Nov 2010 my family is joining me. Your info will be a great help to me.

        Since i’m financing myself, I’m looking accomodation in my affordable range. Studio apartment would be a good place once my family is down. I also look at Brookfields as an option. Regarding the hostel, is a website for it for me to get some information from.

        How do you find Hamilton? Do you work part time?

        Since this is my first trip leaving my family, there is a lot of mixed feelings. But now, I’m feeling better after receiving your all. Hope to meet you in person.

        Have a nice day.

  20. Judy Ng says:

    Hi Kumari,

    I forgot to mention to you that the hostel that i am currently staying is run by a Catholic organization.

    The rental is from NZD 175 – NZD 190 a week. In this place, you are not encouraged to cook as meals are provided and there are a few rules and regulations to abide. This hostel is only for girls and very near the university too.

    The studio apartment which i mentioned earlier is also very near the uni.

    If i am not mistaken, there is another accommodation (if i am not mistaken it’s called Brookfields on Dey Street) which is cheaper – maybe the other malaysian who are staying there – Rashid and Lim can tell you more about this place) but you need to walk 20 min to the uni.


  21. Lim says:

    Hi Kumari,

    Yes, you definitely could include Brookfield as one of your options. Checkout the home page (http://brookfieldaccom.co.nz/). They have most of the things covered for your immediate use, details can be found in the home page.

  22. fariza says:

    Hi & Assalamualaikum,
    I’m fariza from UUM and planning to pursue my PhD at Waikato Management School early next year (2010), in the area of knowledge management. I’m still considering the offer, thus wanna get some opinions from those friends pursuing their study at the same school.
    Hope to keep in touch with all at waikatomalaysians.
    have a nice day! thank you.

  23. Judy Ng says:

    Hi Kumari,

    The website is as follows:


    The size of Hamilton city is just like Ipoh. But the university is located at the outskirts of the city. (lots and lots of green fields here and beautiful houses ). The industry here is mainly dairy produce.

    Don’t bother bringing lots of clothes. There are many second hand clothes shops here where you could easily get a pair of jeans a low as NZD6 or NZD7 (some are brand new). T-shirt – as low as NZD3?

    There a few shopping centers here in Hamilton city which operate from 8:30/9/9:30 am to 8:30/9 pm at night.

    There are a few bus services from the uni to the city. (on working days = in every 15 min there will be buses operating, during weekend – every one hour)
    You need to purchase a card from the bus driver. The “busit” card is something like our touch and go card. THe cost of the busit card is NZD15 (NZ5 – card and ND10 – is the value of the topup). With the busit card, the fares are cheaper (NZD 1.95), without the card the fare costs NZD 2.95 There is also a time limit for this fare (2 hours). Say if you go to town to buy groceries, you pay NZD 1.95 and shop within 1hour 45 min and return – you do not need to pay again for the fare to return. So you need to retain the receipt). By the way, the cheapest place to shop for groceries is Pak and Save, which is in the city.

    In order to go about in Hamilton, it would be more convenient to own a car. As for me, I rely heavily on the public transport and walking (very good exercise). If you want more info on getting a car, you need to ask the other Malaysians.

    If you need to purchase groceries urgently, there is one shopping center near the uni, only 10 min walking distance. It’s called Warehouse that sells house hold goods, shoes, clothes, etc. Nearby this shopping centre, there are shops selling meat, vegetables and fruits.

    At the moment i am not working coz i have to work on my PhD proposal. I plan to get a job most probably next year (after returning from Malaysia – somewhere in Aug or Sep.)

    Don’t bring any fresh produce and dairy products. You will be heavily fined if caught. Food with labels are allowed(maggee mee/biscuits/rempah/curry)

    Hope the info which i have given helps


  24. Yati says:

    Judy, thank you for sharing your experience with the newcomers.

  25. waikatomalaysians says:

    Hi Kumari and Fariza,

    Glad you found this blog to be useful. I hope other community members would chime in and help these 2 potential new comers as well with good advice.

    Fariza, the Waikato Management School is the best Management school in NZ. So you won’t do wrong to consider studying here. The Uni is fairly well equipped and New Zealanders are a laid-back and fairly friendly bunch. Unlike in Australia, there is not much racism here as well and the crime rate is much lower than in Malaysia, so it is quite safe. We have a vibrant Malaysian community here and uniquely, there are a lot of Malaysian families here as well, so the atmosphere is like a small village. If you don’t believe me, have a look at our Ramadan and Raya activities. The exchange rate is not too bad too. Give us a heads up if you and Kumari decide to come here so that we can help you settle in.

    • Kumari says:

      I’m very proud to have such good malaysian friends abroad. Definitely need your help to settle down.


  26. fariza says:

    So happy to receive a very quick reply with fruitful information. Thanks a lot.

  27. Farhana says:

    Salam Fariza, may I know which department in WMS you’ll be attached to?

    • fariza says:

      Salam Farhana, so sorry for a very late reply.. according to the offer, I’ll be attached to Dept of Management Systems. Thanks.

  28. Kumari says:

    Dear Friends,

    Happy New Year. I’ll be arriving in Hamilton on the 14th Feb, booked Manhattan Lodge for a couple of days before finding a suitable accomodation for myself.Kindly let me know if any accomodation available at your neighbourhood. Thanks.

  29. Denis Lajium says:

    Hello. My name is Denis Lajium. I’m planning to go to Hamilton around in Feb. Still working with the Visa application. I’ll be coming with my wife, two children and my mother in law. I need some assistant on the accomodation. Thanks.

  30. no problem dennis..let me knw d exact date so that i can book ur accomodation. feel free to contact/email me..you can also use ths platform to communicate with us..no worries..

    021 441 338

  31. Saiful says:

    Selamat Datang kepada Dennis dan Kumari.

  32. Denis Lajium says:

    Hello guys. I just need some information on the expenses like in Hamilton for a family of five.

  33. fariza says:

    Salams, Dear friends,
    I’m Fariza (hopefully you guys still remember my previous e-mails). Just wanna inform about my arrival in Hamilton on 26/02/2010 with my family. I’ll be staying at Manhattan Lodge (recommended by Hanani,thnx!) for about 3-4 days, while searching for appropriate house to rent around uni area. Hope to meet all wonderful Malaysian friends there!

  34. Khairul says:

    Selamat datang kpd semua…anyway kalau nak cari rumah kena cepat sikit sebab ramai student dah masuk dan susah nak dapat rumah..website ni boleh membantu:-www.trademe.co.nz (suburb yg dekat dgn Uni : Hillcrest, Siverdale, Hamilton East)

    Happy hunting…

  35. KiMi says:

    Hi all,
    i’m new here..I’ll be arriving at Waikato on next June to pursue my PHD in ENG.I’ll be arrive with my wife and 6 months baby.As i know June is winter there so i quite worried to bring my baby..for those who have children what do you think?where can i find nusery and how about the rate?

  36. Hanna Zulika says:

    hi kimi….

    thats great…Its okay for your baby, just makesure that your baby is well covered, ie: thermal, jackets, socks, etc. Theres a lot of nursery here, and the rate is about NZD150 per week.

    If theres any questions, just e-mail us and we are gladly to help you


  37. Khairul says:

    Hi all,

    I’m happy to have found this website. I hope everyone is fine and in good health.

    My name is Khairul from Bangi, Selangor. I plan to go to Univ. of Waikato (Faculty of Engineering)for my PhD this coming Oct (with my wife & 3 children).

    Would appreciate if anyone can help me because I have a few questions about arriving & living in Hamilton:-

    1. to which school should I send my children to (aged 4 & 6)?
    2. is it okay if for a start, my family & I stay @ Manhattan Lodge before we find a suitable & affordable house?
    3. how’s the insurance for family (my spouse and our 3 children)
    4. how was your arrangement when u reached Auckland airport (your first day)? should I find my own transport from the airport to Hamilton? how much does it cost & where to find the transport?
    5. after a long journey, with d children including my 1 yr old baby, is it advisable for us to stay 1 night in Auckland before proceeding to Hamilton?

    It is highly appreciated if someone can assist me on this.

    Thank you.


    • Khairul says:


      first off all it is nice to know that another family will be joining our small community here in Hamilton. My name is also Khairul and currently I’m doing my Masters here in UoW. I will try to answer some of your concerns:
      1. For your 4 yr old would be going to kindergarten (lots of them here) and your 6 yr old will be attending primary school. There are 2 primary schools near the uni i.e Knighton Normal School (www.kns.ac.nz) and Siverdale normal school (www.silverdale.school.nz)
      2. Manhattan Lodge – most of newcomers stayed here before finding a house
      3. Insurance for family – for UoW they’ve appointed Vero as their insurer and the cost is quite high (If you have e-mail add then we can fwd to you their brochure)
      4. Transport from Auckland airport is by shuttle and you can find the rates & bookings thru their website (www.roadcat.co.nz ; http://www.minibus.co.nz)
      5. Most of us went directly to Hamilton as the journey by road would only take around 1.5-2 hrs from Auckland Airport..but is entirely up to you.

      For furthur info you can contact our President herhttp://waikatowuma.webs.com/e Mr. Izhar and you can view our website

  38. Nor Azizah says:

    Assalamualaikum & hi,

    My name is Azizah from UUM, Kedah. I will come to Hamilton with my husband and three children in the middle of Jan 2011. I’ll enroll as PhD candidate at WMS (Faculty of Accounting) on Feb, 1 2011.
    Thanks Fariza for introducing me this website. I, just being informed by the international office temporary accommodation for students who bring the family is not provided by the university. Patutla saya rasa pelik bila Fariza sebut dia tinggal di motel beberapa hari sebelum dapat rumah.. Confused..because in the offer letter it stated accommodation is guaranteed upon arrival.
    So, I would appreciate if anyone can advise in choosing a suitable motel before finding a suitable and affordable house.
    Is it possible to bring the basic electrical products to NZ like rice cooker, iron, blander, etc.? I’m thinking of bringing those things.
    Thank you

  39. izhann79 says:

    Salam Azizah,

    Insyallah, will do our best to assist u here. you can get most of the things here.no worries..pls leave your email or ctct no so tht we cn give u all the related informations or u cn send email to us at malaysianswaikato@gmail.com.


  40. Nor Azizah says:

    wkslm Izhan,

    So happy to receive your reply. I’m getting blur since not so sure what to prepare. This is my email add – norazizah@uum.edu.my. Your advice on this matter is deeply appreciated.

    Thank you & have a nice day.

  41. Denis says:

    Dear Azizah,

    I would like to express my suggestions based on my experience, on what you may want to bring or do prior to come here.

    Since, GST in being increased in NZ, if you can bring anything that you really need or basic, it is better to bring.

    Things like plastic wares (toys, containers etc), “alat tulis” – if you have children who needs things such exercise books, drawing blocks, pencil colours, crayon etc, for yourself such as pen and pencil – sini tak masuk akal mahalnya.

    And you were thinking to bring rice cooker -YES good idea – I brought mine as well. Computer stuff such as pendrive, external drive DVD, or anything you might need for your study, just bring. Although you can get them here, but to buy these things immediately after settling here is bit finacial challenging. Oh yes – since you are thinking of bringing electrical stuff from Malaysia, get 1 or 2 extension wire that fit the plug (plug head here is different but the electrical power is the same as in Malaysia).

    For clothing, I think you should bring for non-winter cloths as much you can because it is cheaper back in Malaysia. If you have winter cloths there, just bring them because don’t expect it to be cheap here.

    Food stuft – bring packed food stuf such as Maggie etc. If you are not sure whether to bring or not, when you arrive at Auckland airport, just declare it.

    I think thats all that I can share for my experiences when arriving in Waikato.

    So good luck.


  42. Nor Azizah says:

    Hi Denis

    So happy to read your posting. Many thanks for the suggestions. It will help me in planning my luggage.

  43. KiMi says:

    Hi All,
    I’m Kimi from USM.I’ll come to hamilton to pursue my PhD in Eng around mid of Feb.I’ll come with my wife and 1years old baby.I really need some help on accomodation and advices regarding the living cost,transport,items to bring there,foods and etc.

    Its highly appreciete if someone could help me on this.
    Who should i contact for more details….



  44. Khairul says:

    Salam Kimi,

    You can contact me thru my e-mail address knm7@waikato.ac.nz. The malaysian community here is very close and we will surely help you in getting you settle here in Hamilton.

    Thank you.

  45. Rose says:

    Salam Khairul,

    thanks for all d helps, info & tips from u, rashid, saiful as well as izhar.

    alhamdulillah i sempat jumpa izhar sekejap semalam, di cheras & dapat bertanya beberapa perkara.

    insya allah my husband akan fly on 27 Jan, 9.35pm. Me? belum tahu, masih belum dapat medical clearance dari medical assessor in NZ. bila follow up dgn NZ immigration in S’pore, diorg ckp : x tahu bila boleh dpt feedback dr NZ & kene tunggu. ada sapa2 yg ada experience mcm saya (medical issues)?

    azizah from uum will depart from klia on 13 Jan, 9.35pm. Rasanya azizah dah berurusan dgn rakan dari UUM juga, Fariza. 🙂

    Kimi, don’t worry, Khairul, & the rest in Hamilton are very2 helpful! 🙂


    • Su says:

      Hi Rose,

      I experience the same thing with you but with my husband. NZ immigration took quite a long time to clear his medical and finally we decided to go to NZ without his visa. You can enter NZ without visa for maximum 3 months but you must have a return ticket. Once we were in NZ we follow-up from the immigration here and after his visa was approved we asked for the visa label to be sent to the local immigration for us to collect. Hope this helps.

  46. Rose says:

    Dear Khairul,

    Azizah minta saya maklumkan yg dia dah liaise with univ for pick up dari Auckland airport to Hamilton. Azizah akan hubungi Fariza once she settled down @ the Auckland airport.


  47. Rose says:

    Dear Su,

    you info is very very much appreciated! i do not know reasons behind my medical report being sent to NZ medical assessor. but should i decide to go to NZ without visa, wouldn’t it be risky for me? i know its entirely up to me to decide (about going to NZ without visa). Anyone, please let me have your opinions/ suggestions.

  48. Aruan says:

    Salam semua penuntut Malaysia di Waikato.

    Saya Aruan dari UiTM sedang dalam persiapan untuk menyambung pengajian PHD di sana. Terbaca blog ni dan saya rasa ini akan dapat menolong saya. Tak sangka ramai orang kita ada kat sana. Saya dari fakulti Civil Engineering plan untuk kesana dalam hujung tahun ni. Saya dah baca maklumat dalam blog ini dan saya rasa sangat membantu, cuma boleh tak tuan-tuan bagi saya personal contact kalau-kalau saya perlu bertanya apa-apa tentang persiapan saya untuk ke sana. Harap dapat berjumpa dengan tuan-tuan sekelian nanti. Terima kasih.

  49. Khairul.Shafie says:

    Salam saudara Aruan,

    Selamat datang ke Uni of Waikato. semoga urusan pengajian saudara dipermudahkan. Saya diantara keluarga yang baru di Hamilton (~2 bulan). Jika saudara mempunyai persoalan/kemusykilan, boleh utarakan di weblog ini. Mungkin rakan-rakan kita di sini dapat mengutarakan pendapat/pandangan/pertolongan. Jika perlukan personal contact, saudara boleh email kepada saya di kas51@waikato.ac.nz.


  50. Juhn Pull n KiMi says:

    u dari uitm mana?sy ex uitm.btw..next month sy dah balik Malaysia so boleh contact sy disana..emel sy saifulriza@yahoo.com…kat sini kimi akan tlg uruskan apa2 yg berkenaan yg mampu

  51. nelson says:

    Hello everyone. I am nelson from KL. Will be doin Phd in Waikato. My question is it easy to get a part time job as I have to support myself there.

  52. Nelson says:

    Hello i am nelson. Going to waikato for my phd in march. Just wanted to knw is it wise to buy ASUS laptop here and samsung handphone here before i go to waikato.
    For monthly expenses how much do i need since i am self sponsored. I need to work though.. Anybody here doin phd under Prof Coll from science education dept. tq

  53. KiMi says:

    Hi nelson…it’s great to hear someone coming soon..i would say it’s worth to buy laptop before u arrive here and do install all software,antivirus,songs and etc.laptop here doesn’t have any extra things neither software nor antivirus..You absolutely need to buy the original…furthermore, malaysia smartphone price is more cheaper thn nz.

    Regarding the expenses, FYI rental price for 1 bedroom house/studio apartment is around $200-$250/week..Other expenses depend on your budget per week/month…

    Keep in touch….

  54. nelson says:

    thank you for the info. Heres hoping i will get the scholarship and be there in march. How do i get the 1 bedroom hse/studio tq. is tat the cheapest i could get.. tq.

  55. nelson says:

    Any particular hp can be bought or are they into samsung or sony or apple.. do i really need a smartphone thr. tq.

  56. izhann79 says:

    hi Nelson,

    I believe you are now preparing yourself to come here. Thanks Kimi for the substantial info. for Nelson, my advice is that, get urself well prepared i.e electronically, financially & mentally. Apparently, the cost of living in Hammy is rocketing each year. The currency is trading at 2.55NZD compared to 1.90NZD three years ago. it makes a lot of different now. anyway, if you get scholarships it wouldn’t be much problem then. you are looking at 1200NZD to 1500NZD (living comfortably) monthly expenses per month. if you bring family it will be 2000NZD to 2500NZD (living comfortably) per month. There are few guys who are self-sponsored but doing really great financially. after all, above is just my rough estimation. Hope it helps. please do let us know when you are coming, we have an exceptional Malaysian community here who are willing to put their hands.. till now.. Adiós & wish you all d best..

    take care

  57. nelson says:

    i did not secure a waikato scholarship but will try to survive there.. i really need to reduce my expenses alot. will be there end of february if God permits. hoping to c u all thr..
    this weekend goin to buy asus laptop and next week my passport. By january will ready my visa i hope..

  58. Saiful says:

    Hi Nelson…glad to hear that u are coming to Hamilton. It such a nice place. I just come back from Hamilton last April after almost 5 years over take. Now I’m in KL. This is my number 013-2463933 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need to know more about life in NZ.

  59. nelson says:

    yeah hopefully can be there by mid february..tq..saiful and izhann

  60. Nelson says:

    I need to find accomodation. My studeis will commence on 1.3.12.

  61. izhann79 says:

    orait. no worries..will get to you soon..take care..

  62. WUMA says:

    Hello Nelson, glad to hear that you are coming to NZ. Feel free to visit WUMA at: http://malaysianwaikato.blogspot.com/. We are happy to help you.

  63. Nelson says:

    Can I open NZ bank acct from Malaysia. Which bank to open?

  64. izhann79 says:

    sorry for late reply. yes it is ok at Brookefield. There are two banks located at the campus, which is National Bank and ASB Bank. I go for National Bank. let me know ur email so that i can pass my ctct no here. take care and have a safe journey.

  65. Nuratiqqah Abdul Razak says:

    Hi, I am Nuratiqqah, as a representative from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for NEW ZEALAND EXPLORATION PROGRAMME 2012 (NEWZEX’ 12) that will be held on this April 2012. We are now looking for a place to stay for 2 nights in Hamilton. It was a great pleasure if you could help us to find a suitable place for 21 persons or give us any good suggestion for staying there and could you reply to my email? (nuratiqqah@yahoo.com) Thank you.

  66. izhann79 says:

    Salam Nuratiqah,

    I’ll reply to ur email soon. I’ll figure it out the suitable motel for you guys but hopefully we can communicate via email so that i can get more details about ur entourage..Looking forward to seeing you & ur team soon..

    kind regards,

  67. Ruhaya says:


    Saya memohon jasa baik pihak admin blog ini untuk memadamkan nama saya dan suami sebagai Presiden Welcoming Committee kerana committee ini telah lama tidak berfungsi (sejak saya blk ke Malaysia pada Jan 2010 untuk data collection). Tambahan pula, kebanyakan nama2 yg tersenarai di sini telah tamat belajar dan kembali ke Malaysia. Terima kasih

  68. Izhar says:

    salam ruhaya,

    maybe you can email arif since he is the admin guy. I can share articles and give comments but cant do more than that. Hope this helps. thanks

  69. Hanani says:

    Saya pun setuju juga dengan ruhaya ; mohon jasa baik arif@admin guy delete /update ttg welcoming comittee.. ini kerana takut berlaku kekeliruan bagi mereka yang bakal datang ke Hamilton. Takut juga bila datang tiada lagi nama2 AJK yang tertera untuk menyambut dan membantu dalam urusan-urusan ketika baru sampai di Hamilton. Terima kasih.

  70. Nor Azizah says:

    Memang tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa maklumat dalam blog ini bermanfaat kepada mereka yang bakal datang ke Hamilton. Banyak panduan dan nasihat yang berguna terutama kepada mereka yang tidak pernah sampai ke Hamilton. Ini bermakna blog ini boleh dilayari bagi mendapatkan nasihat atau gambaran awal sebelum datang ke Hamilton.

    Walau bagaimanapun, memandangkan jawatankuasa yang tersenarai dalam blog ini sudah tidak berfungsi (kerana sebahagian besar AJK telah pulang ke Malaysia), saya suka mencadangkan kepada mereka bakal datang ke Hamilton supaya berhubung terus dengan Waikato University Malaysian Association (WUMA) menerusi blog rasmi di alamat berikut : http://malaysianwaikato.blogspot.co.nz/

    WUMA adalah persatuan pelajar yang berdaftar dengan pihak University of Waikato dan juga Education Malaysian New Zealand (EMNZ). Salah satu peranan penting WUMA ialah memberikan bantuan yang sewajarnya kepada mereka yang bakal datang ke Hamilton.

    Adalah penting kepada mereka yang bakal datang ke Hamilton untuk menghubungi Jawatankuasa yang betul bagi mengelak daripada sebarang masalah yang tidak diingini. Terima kasih.

  71. Norlida says:

    Assala mualaikum wbrt.

    Saya, Pn Norlida, ingin meminta bantuan dari rakan2 di Univ. Waikato. Anak saya, Nurul Farzana dah apply untuk masuk waikato, dan kami sedang menunggu jawapan dari pihak Univ. Kami akan sampai di NZ pada 5hb Jun. Apabila sampai di sana nanti, kami perlu berjumpa pihak admission untuk mengetahui status Nurul. Kami sekeluarga semuanya 7 org. Suami, Dr Razali Jidin, saya dan anak 5 org -> Nurul, Adeela, Naeem, Deena dan Noah. Harap dapat beri phone number untuk contact person(s) yang dapat bantu kami di sana nanti.



  72. Izhar says:

    Salam Puan,

    Insyallah kami boleh bantu Puan. cuma jika puan dapat terangkan dgn lebih jelas bantuan yg Puan harapkan dari orang Waikato. insyallah akan kami usahakan. Puan boleh email pada saya


  73. Nice blog here! Also your web site loads up fast! What web host are you using?
    Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my web site
    loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  74. Rosni Yusoff says:


    Saya Rosni binti Yusoff, membuat perancangan untuk belajar di sana (Waikato).
    JIka saya membawa keluarga suami dan 7 anak (10 tahun hingga 1 tahun), adakah anak saya boleh mendapat bantuan pendidikan kerajaan NZ bagi mereka?

    Saya risau jika perbelanjaan biasiswa kerajaan Malaysia tidak mencukupi jika saya membawa mereka semua.

    Untuk pengetahuan, tuan/ puan,saya akan menyambung pelajaran dalam PhD.

    Sangat-sangat memerlukan buah pandangan dalam hal ini, takut dengan membawa mereka akan menghadapi masalah kewangan nanti.
    Sekian , terima kasih

  75. IzharAziz says:

    Salam Puan,
    Please email directly to wuma or you can send it to me izhann79@yahoo.com. I’ll the comitte know.


  76. Azizah says:

    Salam Pn,
    Selamat datang ke NZ. Bagi pelajar PhD, anak2 akan mendapat kadar domestic.

    Ada tiga tahap sekolah di sini – primary, intermediate dan high school.

    Bagi sekolah rendah (5-10 thn) ibu bapa cuma perlu membayar school donation (kadar berbeza ikut sekolah, contoh $60 dollar setahun, ada setengah sekolah menetapkan kadar maksimum untuk school donation bagi parents yg mempunyai lebih daripada 2 orang anak) & yuran alat tulis dan bahan ($30-40). Untuk sekolah rendah, pelajar tidak perlu pakai uniform.

    Untuk intermediate dan high school, saya tak pasti jumlah school donation yang dikenakan. Cuma pelajar pada tahap ini diwajibkan memakai uniform.

    Bila Pn dijangka sampai di sini? Pn boleh maklumkan pada WUMA (persatuan pelajar Malaysia di Waikato) menerusi blog atau pun facebook.

  77. Rosni Yusoff says:

    JIka keadaan mengizinkan saya akan kesana secepat yang mungkin. Seb biasiswa saya sehingga Februari tahun 2014 tamat. Saya perlu mencari tempat belajar seblum tarikh itu.
    Ade dua professor pilihan iaitu Kim Pickering dan Mike Duke. Saya cuba mendapatkan tempat untuk Lab tersebut. Kalau ade rezeki InsyaAllah. Ade tak sesiapa yang mengenali mereka?Boleh recommend untuk saya. atau mana -mane Lab (bidang mechanical)

    Pasal membawa keluarga di NZ tu tadi, Cukup tak perbelanjaan semasa di sana dengan bantuan biasiswa KPT dan pendidikan anak-anak?

    Saya betul-betul ingin tahu. Yang saya pasti di UK, ramai kawan yang mengatakan kurang mencukupi. Perlu buat part time.

    Terima kasih teman-teman,

    Respond yang amat cepat!

  78. Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found
    a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell
    to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had
    to tell someone!

  79. haida says:

    Nak tanya , blog ni masih active ke

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