Introducing Dr. Sazali and Family

Dr. Sazali & Family

Dr. Sazali & Family

I would like to formally introduce Dr. Sazali Zainal Abidin and family to the community. Most likely, you have seen him around recently at the WUMA buka puasa event and may have wondered who he is. Dr. Sazali is a relatively new addition to our community. He is a permanent academic staff member of the School of Management, University of Waikato and before that was a lecturer at UPM. Dr. Sazali has kindly provided me with a short biography of himself and family:

Dr. Sazali and family arrived in Hamilton on June 09, 2009 after 7 months long application process to migrate to New Zealand. He is now a finance lecturer at the Waikato Management School. Prior to this, he was a lecturer at Graduate School of Management (GSM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), a position he held for 3 years since June 2006. He was the CEO of MAA Mutual Berhad, a unit trust management company under the Melewar Group before he joined UPM. He is married to Rosmaliza Rahim since 1994 and they are blessed with 4 children. Ms. Rosmaliza was a Manager, Customer Service Management of Telekom Malaysia Berhad before they came here. Their eldest son, Irfan (11 years old) is the main reason why they migrated to New Zealand. Irfan is now schooling at Berkley Intermediate Normal School. Daughter Iffah (6 years old) and son Aqeel (5 years old) are schooling at Hillcrest Normal School. The youngest is Areef (will be 2 years old this October). Ms. Rosmaliza’s mother, Madam Hasmah followed the family here and she has been very helpful in taking care of the children. The family is very pleased with the warm welcome and hospitality shown by the Malaysian community in Hamilton and wish to express their gratitude for the kindness.

On behalf of the community, I warmly welcome Dr. Sazali and family to Hamilton. It is a rare blessing to the community, especially to the Malaysian students here to have a permanent Waikato University lecturer as our neighbour and member.  Unlike many of us students, Dr. Sazali will be staying here for the long run and thus I hope the student organization, WUMA and the wider community will take the effort to include Dr. Sazali and family into our activities. I hope that Dr. Sazali and his wife, Puan Rosmaliza, could eventually join the likes of Pak Rahman and family to become one of our anchor-person here for the community, someone who new students and migrants could turn to for advice and support.


15 Responses to Introducing Dr. Sazali and Family

  1. Halami says:

    Salam Dr. Sazali, boleh mintak emel untuk saya bertanyakan beberapa soalan berkaitan cara bermigrasi ke sana kerana isteri saya baharu sahaja mendapat tawaran kerja di wakaito..sekian,wasalam.

  2. Fiza says:

    Salam all in Waikato Malaysians. Saya wife Halami di atas.. (hehe). actually saya nak tanya kalau ada any doctors working in waikato area/ under waikato district health board available for me to contact. I am hoping to get some advice and ask about the future training available there. Terima kasih..

  3. fid says:

    salam fiza,my name is fid. Both my husband and I are doctors at Waikato Hospital. Happy to answer any questions that you may have.Email me at fairyjasmin at gmail dot com 🙂

  4. waikatomalaysians says:

    Hi Fiza. Your wife dah contact Dr. Sazali ke? Bagus Fid kalau boleh bagi info kat Fiza ni. We look forward to have you as new members of the community.

  5. Naga Berapi Kuat says:

    Wah….dah 4 anak….ada berani isap rokok lagi ka

  6. Telekom says:

    very nice good info

  7. yusof omar says:

    SaLAM En. ET……saya yusof dan omar pun rasa nak migrate ke NZ lah…….KAT MSIA NI DAH SUSAH CARI MAKAN……

  8. yusof omar says:

    Salllam doctor……..saya sakit gigi sebab saham FGVH kat BSKL tak naik-naik…

  9. Website says:

    These are really fantastic ideas in on the topic of blogging.
    You have touched some nice things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

  10. yusof omar says:

    kawan -kawan cari kau ni…………..Dah lama tak KARIOK……….

  11. mono says:

    haga anak baiak-baik, janagn dah duk oversea anak tak jaga agama dah.

  12. Mohd Rusland Abu Samah says:

    Salam Dr Sazali, are you still in Waikato. Masih lagi ingat saya tak? Rusland Abu Samah semasa kita tubuh MAA Mutual dulu. I can be contacted at

  13. Kamaruzaman Ahmad says:

    Salam..would like ur assistance to connect me to Doc Shaz

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