As with all things in life, there are rules that you have to follow when posting a comment on this site.

  1. No racist, obscene, deragotary words in the comments  and chat sections. All such posts will be deleted. Currently, I have enabled posting to appear without needing my permission but I will disable this if it is abused.
  2. No spam please. Do not put more than 2 links in your comments or it will be held for moderation.
  3. No overtly political (pro or anti) comments. This is not a political website. All such posts will be deleted.
  4. No links to pornography or any other objectionable contents.
  5. Be nice to each other. Don’t write anything that you will not say to anyone face to face. Think before you post. Have an argument if you must, but do it in a civillised manner.
  6. You can use a pseudonym but it is better for you to use your real name in your comments.
  7. Anything else that I can think of in response to future developments.

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