Salam Sejahtera and welcome to Waikatomalaysians’s blog/website. The purpose of this site is to provide an easy and centralised source of information on news, social gatherings and activities for Malaysians living in and around Hamilton and Waikato. This site is not in any competition with Waikato University Malaysian Association’s (WUMA) website but seeks to complement it by including a wider audience. Currently, the intended audience and users for this site are Malaysian students and their families who are studying in the University of Waikato although, there is the possibility of expanding this to include Malaysian expatriates who are working here as well. This site does not tolerate any form of racism and does not endorse any Malaysian or New Zealand political parties or groups. Having said that, we must accept that some activities, especially religious ones might not be suitable for everyone, but I trust Malaysians are mature enough and understanding of this complex issue.

Who am I?

I am Ariff, a PhD student at the School of Biological Science, University of Waikato. I arrived here in late 2006 under Malaysian Government Scholarship and live near the university with my wife and kids. I’m new to this website thing and appreciate any help, comments and criticisms to improve the site. I am not getting paid for this and make no profit from this site.

Why a Blog?

Because it is free. Also because I know next to nothing about HTML. However, I will see how good the reception is for this site. If there is enough demand, then, I might get a paid hosting account in the future. I am planning to maintain this site on a part-time basis, so any updates will only be put up if there are any new information to be shared.

Who can Contribute?

Basically any Malaysians who are living in Hamilton and Waikato. If you have any activities (sports, playgroups etc.) social gatherings (kenduris, open house, weddings etc,) that you wish to organize or invite other Malaysians to join, then this site provides you with a place to tell others about it.

How to Contribute?

If you have any events or activities, you can see me in person or e-mail me at: waikatomalaysians@yahoo.com

For emails, please include your real name, contact details and as much information as possible about your activity. I will double-check with you to make sure that the information is correct. I will then post it on the front page of this site. It is also the same if you have any news that you wish to inform others such as a new student arriving or leaving, births etc. You can also send pictures and write-ups about your activity after they have been carried out.

What else is in store?

I hope that the Malaysian community will utilise this site as it is intended. This is all experimental stuff and will be a learning experience for me. I hope from this humble beginning, eventually we can build a strong online presence in support of our community.


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