Suggestion to WUMA: Emergency Fund

Yesterday, Shira passed to my wife some money from UiTM to reimburse some costs incurred by Malaysians who helped the UiTM fatal accident victims. I wish to thank UiTM for this kind gesture but I had made the niah (intention) to be ikhlas (sincere) and have no intention of ever claiming any compensation and thus I don’t want to keep this money. My only wish is that I had made a difference, however small in alleviating the burden on the victims and their families. I am sure that most of the other community members who had sacrificed their time, money, effort and sleep also share my sentiments.

Therefore, I have this suggestion to Mr. Izhar, the President of WUMA: Please set up an Emergency Fund where Malaysians here could donate money. This fund should be made available for emergencies where cash is needed in short notice such as burial/undertaker costs, plane tickets to Malaysia to attend to funerals/terminally ill family members, etc. I remember that one of the problems that we faced during the UiTM accident crisis was that we initially didn’t have the funds needed to pay the undertakers to prepare the bodies for transport to Malaysia. In most cases, people who use the fund must make the effort to repay the amount used but the WUMA Committee Members should have the power to waive this requirement in exceptional cases. All Malaysians here, especially new comers who had just arrived should be encouraged to contribute to this fund. If this fund is set up, I will deposit the money given to me by UiTM and insyaAllah, a little bit more. In time, the amount will accumulate and it will become our safety net.


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