Not News: Chicken Invasion

Fat Delicious Chickens

Fat Delicious Chickens

Latest Not News: I woke up this morning to find that there are 7 chickens in my front yard. I’ve had rabbits and tui birds (not to mention rats) at my rented house before, but not chickens. I asked the neighbours and it turns out that the chickens belong to another neighbour right next door. The novelty wore off quickly when I saw that there are a lot of chicken droppings everywhere, so I decided to lure the chickens back to their  own house.

Marching Chickens

Marching Chickens

Having watched many cartoons as a kid, I dropped a trail of rice to lead the chicken back next door. It was a funny sight seeing the chicken marching in single file like a troop of soldiers. I finally managed to get them next door only to find that I missed one straggler. This particular one is very stubborn and skittish and won’t take the bait. I tried to catch it with a towel but the last time I caught chikens was when I was 6 years old back in Ipoh, so I was a bit rusty. After a few futile tries, I gave up and let this particular chook find its way back on its own. I left a note at the neighbour’s house informing them of this breach of my sovereignty and warned them that I’m not responsible if the chicken got run over by my car and possibly end up fried in batter and bread crumbs.


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