Global Anti-China Movement: Genuine or Fashionable?

Forgive me for this slightly political writing. I was watching the evening news yesterday and saw anti-China protesters disrupting the Olympic torch relay. Now, I don’t watch the Olympics as I consider it a steroid-fueled, overly commercialized event but it struck a chord in me. In the last few weeks, the New Zealand press have been demonizing China over the Tibetan uprising, NZ-China Free Trade Deal and a NZ MP have even made bigoted comments about Chinese immigrants and Asians in general, without noticing that he himself is an immigrant.

Coming back to the Olympic protests, I was struck by the fact that most of these protesters are Europeans or of European descent, the same people whose ancestors only less than 200 years ago oppressed China under their colonial boots. How genuine are these protesters in wanting “democracy” for China and to free Tibet? I can understand Tibetans, even Chinese people protesting and not liking Communist China but why do these Europeans do it? Is it truly due to altruistic motives or are there still mingling traces of colonial mindset and of racism? Is it because that they feel they are superior to slant-eyed, yellow Asian people and therefore it is their god-given right to tell others what to do? Is it because they feel that their system of governance is superior to all others and thus all nations must adopt it? Or is it that they feel threatened by the rise of an Asian superpower that offends their European sense of supremacy. If they are truly altruistic, why are there no protests of similar intensity over the Uighurs, Palestine, Southern Thailand, Bosnia, Kashmir and other small places.

You can’t pick and choose the most fashionable cause to champion and still retain any shred of credibility. My personal view with regard to “Chinese Democracy” is to let the Chinese people decide for themselves. By interfering with their internal politics, these protesters will only cause the Chinese people to climb on their nationalist dignity and reject change. I also believe that it is naive to expect a country to change overnight and it is also naive to expect them to change into a clone of Western-style democracy.


11 Responses to Global Anti-China Movement: Genuine or Fashionable?

  1. Lina says:


    I totally agree!

    I’m a Chinese living in Denmark, am very suripised to hear that the cultural minister actually promots to boy-cott the OL opening ceremony, however, still would attend the games for medals. Besides some Danish call it a “double moral” appraoch, I would like to say the these guys: ” How much you actually know about China, and how much you acutally know about Tibet before you jump up and try to give get some attentions?”

    Denmark is very known as one of the countries that treats foreigner/emmigrants badly. They actually try to blame foreigners in Denmark for every bad things ( ecomonically, socially, security…).

    Besides, Denmark is the least country which should have the voice of “human right” or “respect of religion”, for it’s very wellknown drawing towards muslim religion. Why does this kind of country thinks that they could put a fingre on the Chinese religious issue when they are criticising the scaff of the mulism women, as well as show no convern and respect for other religions within their tiny country.

  2. waikatomalaysians says:

    Hi Lina. Glad at least one person agress with me. I have always thought the Western world is the worst hyocrites when it comes to issues like this. They accuse many countries of torturing people, yet the US, UK and several other European countries collaborated in the so called “rendition” of suspected terrorists. The Us has Guantanamo bay concentration camp where they emotionally and physically torture people who have no way of knowing why they are there and no way of defending themselves in a court of law. Clearly they choose and pick the so called human rights issues when it suits them.

  3. What? says:

    Hello also,

    well i can’t say i agree entirely with either of you. I will say this, i agree that too many human rights violations go unnoticed by the various world governments, and issues such as the israeli/palestinian conflict shift in and out of the public mind so quickly that little support, for so many issues, can be gathered before the next issue is forced into public view.
    However, the matter of pro-tibetan protesters being European pro democracy fanatics with a superiority complex is a bit far from the truth. from the many groups of pro-tibet members i’ve met, non of them really have any view on china’s political system as far as communist VS democracy etc, the only issue the tibetan people have with china is its unwillingness to recognize tibet and its people as independent. which is in direct conflict with previous agreements between china and the tibetan leaders.
    Maybe the tibetan independence movement has been given more coverage, with the Olympics and the popularity of the tibetan spiritual leader. But i do think the plight of any people struggling to be free strikes a cord with others right around the world and naturally people are going to want to help in any way they can. I think the final hope is that people can find a way to accept their differences and find a way of encouraging diversity instead of suppressing independence and murdering culture.
    in short the Olympic torch relay protests were about freedom not democracy. its best not to confuse the two matters.

  4. Lee says:

    I agree with you, In fact, we all “hate” the new boy in the neighbourhood who suddenly take the top spot. Well, i am a chinese too but i despise china so much. Acty my reason is because of some of their people uncivilized acts. I experienced it first hand on daily basis. well i think when i wrote this u can say i am kind of frustated.

  5. samuel welsh says:

    people from asia are awesome but chinnese can pick big fights ,they are the uncililized kind with bad manners,trade,products and a small heart to the world.
    the good chinnese who promote language,skills,sports good cooking and friendship are allways welcome to stay though.
    But to thier government a clear message nz will never be chinese…..

  6. ronald sanchez says:

    people have got to fight for their rights!
    rise up and support the fight.
    ronald sanchez

  7. NguyenKhapnoi says:

    Look people, Chinese took over Tibet this is bad and soon they bring troop to the South and start taking over all the South East Asia. They already corrupt Europe, America by dumbing their cheaps and poision products from little toys to home improvement product as sheet rock into these countries. We should ban all Chinese products, food from every.
    Now day if you go to Africa, you star seeing alot of them overthere.

  8. i don’t like chinese either…. for me they are bad bussinessman they can easily monopolize any bussiness. for them cheap price goods is the name of the game where buyers can’t help themselves but to buy it, but at the end they realize the quality of chinese goods speaks on its price…. thats why any chinese bussinessman can speed up to be rich. country by country chinese are destroying local industry so for them to be dominant thats why i call chinese bad bussinessman. and i can’t call them genius bussiness minded poeple because they are fooling consumers and always practice unfair bussiness trade. i have a question with chinese…. can you somehow go back to your native communist china and just do your dirty works there and stop killing other countries industry? offcourse you will not because you have no good life back on your country hehe but you should because time goes other races are starting to hate you chinks and there could be a war in the horizon soon. i don’t know if you could handle that?

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